Savannah Chrisley Not Letting Kyle See Chloe?

Todd Chrisley’s oldest son Kyle has been hosting a lot of Q&A sessions on his Instagram Stories lately. He’s even answered a few questions regarding his biological daughter Chloe. During a recent Q&A session, Kyle Chrisley seemingly accused his little sister Savannah of preventing him from seeing Chloe. What did Kyle say exactly that led fans to draw this conclusion? Scroll down for the details or to see a photo of what he posted.

Savannah Chrisley Not Letting Kyle See Chloe?

With Todd and Julie Chrisley behind bars, Savannah was named as the temporary legal guardian for both Grayson and Chloe. Savannah Chrisley admitted during her podcast that her father warned her stepping into the guardian role would be one of the hardest things she’s ever done. She affirmed her father wasn’t wrong.

During their trial, fans learned Todd and Julie did legally adopt Chloe. So, Chloe was no longer their granddaughter. She was their daughter, legally. Moreover, they confirmed both Kyle and Angela gave up their parental rights to make this adoption possible.

Kyle Chrisley with Chloe on Instagram

Now, legally, Kyle is Chloe’s older brother. But, he will always be her biological father. Naturally, fans wondered if Kyle gets to see Chloe with Todd and Julie behind bars. Does Savannah have a relationship with her older brother? Does she allow him to see Chloe?

Kyle Chrisley “Unfortunately” Doesn’t Get To See Her

Responding to the question on his Instagram Stories, Kyle said it was unfortunate that he didn’t get to see Chloe. “No, not at all actually.” He clarified. Sadly, this meant Kyle had not seen Chloe since before Todd and Julie went to jail. The way Kyle answered the question, Chrisley Knows Best fans assumed this meant Savannah was keeping Chloe away from him.

During an older Q&A session, Kyle Chrisley was asked whether Chloe called him by his first name or referred to him as “dad.” He explained she was most comfortable calling him “just Kyle.” And, he was completely fine with however she felt most comfortable addressing him.

Kyle Chrisley - Instagram

He Is Married With Children Now

Kyle Chrisley is married to Ashleigh who had two children before they got together. His Instagram activity confirms that he is very active in their lives. Kyle recently caught heat for celebrating his son’s birthday as fans thought it was disrespectful to Chloe. It, however, now sounds as though Kyle not having a relationship with Chloe isn’t really his own choice.

Kyle Chrisley - Instagram Stories\

Do you think Todd and Julie Chrisley asked Savannah to keep Kyle away from Chloe? Or, is this a decision Savannah has arrived at on her own? Furthermore, do you think Chloe wants to see her biological father? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley Knows Best news.


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