Chrisley Knows Best: Chase Confirms Todd & Julie’s Marriage Has Been RUINED By Prison

The Chrisley Knows Best stars were living their dream lives before Todd and Julie’s imprisonment. They joined the show to showcase their lavish life. However, the family suffered majorly when the couple was charged with tax evasion and fraud. Now, Chase and Savannah are leading the family and fighting for their parents’ innocence. They often talk about the inhumane conditions of the prison cells. Also, the reality TV star has hired a new legal team to speed up the court process. But their kids fear that Todd and Julie are living their worst days as a couple. Recently, Chase Chrisley opened up about how much his parents are suffering while being away from each other. What are they facing?

Chrisley Knows Best: Chase Chrisley Talks About His Parents Suffering Amid Imprisonment!

Chase and Savannah have become the pillars of strength for their parents. Previously, the latter stood up to take Chloe and Grayson’s custody. Now, she is fighting for justice for her parents with her brother Chase. The brother-sister-duo are doing everything they can to save their parents from their long-term sentence. Nowadays, the Chrisley fam are planning their return to the reality TV world.

USA Network ended Chrisley Knows Best after Todd and Julie’s court verdict. Viewers have been looking to know the truth behind the couple’s prison sentencing and their lives. Finally, the kids are coming back with another show to showcase their journey. The family is busy with interviews and events ahead of the new show. Recently, Chase opens up about their lives and their parent’s struggles in an interview.

Chrisley Knows Best

According to People, Chase initially stated how close the siblings have become. Later, he spilled about how his parents were suffering during their time apart in different prisons. Chase claimed it had been over 200 days since they had been apart. Hence, it has been really tough for them because they are obsessed with each other.” Further, he expressed that his parents were hanging in there in awful condition. But the Chrisley Knows Best celeb revealed how people were spreading lies about them in the news. Finally, the kids want to take the matter into their own hands to spread awareness about them through a new show.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah’s Heart Breaks As Parents Live Apart From Each Other!

Todd and Julie’s imprisonment has changed the lives of their kids. The happy-go-lucky kids of the stars have turned into mature adults after the incident. Now, the eldest ones are leading the family and trying their best to bring their parents back. Recently, Savannah from Chrisley Knows Best shared an emotional post about her parents on social media. She added a story about hiring a new legal team for them.

Chrisley Knows Best

So, Savannah made the documents public about Todd and Julie’s case. Also, she added a collage of the couple in another story. She stated her heart was breaking after seeing her parents spending “195 days without a word to each other. Further, she urged the audience to help her bring justice to them. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more updates on the Chrisley Knows Best family and Todd and Julie’s prison life.

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