Matthew McConaughey Excited To Star In ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff

Matthew McConaughey appeared on the Lex Fridman podcast not long ago. The duo discussed seemingly everything under the sun. Of course, McConaughey’s upcoming role in the Yellowstone spinoff came up. What did he reveal about the future of the popular TV show? Continue reading to find out.

Uncertainty Still Surrounds Yellowstone Season 5

Although Matthew McConaughey has been cast in a spinoff, the future of the original Yellowstone series still seems uncertain. Filming for the show screeched to a halt halfway through Season 5.

Fans have been placing the blame for the show’s stalling on Kevin Costner. The actor previously confirmed that Season 5 would be his last on Yellowstone. Costner has also notably gotten into arguments with the show’s creator Taylor Sheridan about the filming schedule.

It seems like Kevin Costner has burnt several bridges with the Yellowstone crew already. On top of that, he’s going through a messy and expensive divorce. Not to mention, he has put about $20 million of his own funds into the creation of the Horizon movie series.

At the same time, Taylor Sheridan has been in a bit of trouble with Paramount Studios due to the amount of money being spent on filming Yellowstone.

Despite all the conflict surrounding Season 5, the studio says that filming will continue. However, no timetable for filming or the release of the long-awaited season has been announced.

Matthew McConaughey Admires The Spirit Of The Show

Needless to say, Yellowstone fans have been hungry for some kind of good news. Matthew McConaughey was able to deliver some during his discussion with Lex Fridman.

While there wasn’t any talk about Season 5 of the original series, McConaughey did touch on his role in the spinoff series. Many people have questioned the actor’s ability to live up to the role, but any doubt was laid to rest in his conversation with Fridman.

Lex asked Matthew McConaughey how he feels about the “Cowboy ethos” that is at the center of Yellowstone. McConaughey’s response showed that he really admires the spirit of the show and everything to do with it.



“I admire the simplicity of it… One way you can explain Yellowstone and Costner’s role is ‘What would man do to protect land and family?’” he said. “There’s a cowboy ethos that deems trespassing more clear, earlier, than other hats. I admire that simplicity of right and wrong.”

Considering this, Lex Fridman pointed out that simplicity doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with the law. Matthew McConaughey agreed but still agreed with the ethos behind the show.

“No, it’s above the law… The law ain’t handling this, I am. And then it is, the law’s not going to handle this, therefore I am. And then it is, I’m handling this. Law? Talk to them when you get to them, I’m handling this,” he told Lex.

The pair went on to talk about Matthew McConaughey’s own life and how he lives part of his own life in the Yellowstone way, leaving no doubt that he’ll be great in the upcoming role.

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