Paramount+ Made a Major Announcement About the Future of ‘1883’

Yellowstone fans have been eager to find out when season 5 will return for its final episodes, but luckily we’ve had the ever-expanding Dutton universe to entertain us in the meantime. The upcoming 6666 spinoff, which we expect to follow Jimmy Hurdstrom’s life at the Texas ranch, and 1923, which explores the Duttons during the time of Prohibition and the Great Depression, are exciting, but viewers are asking for news about the future of 1883.

The prequel has been a hit on Paramount+ and made the jump to Paramount Network, and fans are invested in the story of James and Margaret Dutton (portrayed by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill) and their family as they venture West. The 10-episode season is due to wrap up on Paramount Network on August 13, and viewers are already begging for more. Unfortunately, the news is not great.

Will 1883 returning for a season 2?

Sadly, no. The heart-breaking finale is the end of the road for this story. A representative from Paramount+ confirmed to Country Living: “The 1883 chapter has ended and the next installment is 1923.” Lawmen: Bass Reeves (originally called 1883: The Bass Reeves story), the upcoming show from creator Taylor Sheridan, will serve as a continuation from the same time period, but the storyline is not expected to overlap. This new series is expected to premiere in fall of 2023 and is certainly one to watch for fans of the Yellowstone universe.

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