John J. York and Josh Kelly Preview Mac Finding Out He’s Cody’s Dad

The emotional GH fireworks will spark when a big paternity secret is revealed.

The late great soap opera creator of One Life to Live and All My Children, Agnes Nixon, subscribed to the storytelling philosophy, “Make ’em laugh, make ’em cry, make ’em wait.” Waiting certainly describes what General Hospital fans are doing when it comes to Mac finding out that Cody is his son. Their respective actors, John J. York and Josh Kelly, recently discussed it.

John J. York and Josh Kelly Meet Their Fans

York and Kelly recently chatted about the secret one day coming to light during a Coastal Entertainment virtual event with Mac/Cody supporters. Both Cody and the viewers know that Mac is Cody’s biological dad, but Cody’s been keeping that bit of news a secret. Fans wanted to know how the actors feel about Mac, after all these years of playing surrogate dad to Robin (Kimberly McCullough), Maxie (Kirsten Storms), and the late Georgie (Lindze Letherman), discovering that he has a son of his own.

General Hospital: It’s A Boy!

Keep in mind that neither actor can reveal if — or when — Mac finding out the truth about him having a son will occur, but the actors shared their feelings on what viewers might be able to expect. “I feel like it’s going to be a surprise,” York offers. “It’s going to be explosive. Boy, I think there’s going to be emotional conflict.” York adds that Mac’s going to want to know why Cody has hung onto this secret for as long as he has.

There may be some bittersweet feelings that go along with the reveal. “I think in the end, it’s going to be a joyful thing,” York theorizes. “‘I have a son!’ It’s sad that [Mac] wasn’t there to teach him how to shave or ride a bike.” As viewers know, Cody’s mom is Mac’s former love, the late Dominique Taub.

Josh Kelly: Father’s Daze

Kelly is equally enthusiastic about digging into the meaty material that will likely be a big part of the reveal. “I’m excited,” Kelly shares. “[John and I] have already talked about it. We’re getting excited about it happening. We’re going to try really hard to make it really good for you guys.”

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