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Does Nanny Faye Visit Daughter-In-Law Julie Chrisley In Prison?

One big question Chrisley Knows Best fans have recently is whether Todd’s mother Nanny Faye makes the trip to Kentucky to visit her daughter-in-law, Julie. Given her age, fans assume it might be a bit of a chore for the beloved reality TV grandmother to pack up and take the trip to see either Todd or Julie.

As fans know, Savannah, Chase, and Lindsie are all fairly active and outspoken on social media. Moreover, Savannah and Lindsie share things in great detail via their podcasts. In one of the latest updates, fans learned Nanny Faye was living with Lindsie Chrisley and her son Jackson.

Given Lindsie’s new relationship with Trent getting serious, fans aren’t sure if that living situation still stands. But, they do wonder if Nanny Faye has tagged along with any of her grandchildren to see Todd and/or Julie.

So, has any of her grandchildren shared any updates on Nanny Faye recently regarding trips to see Todd and Julie? Keep reading for the details.

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Does Nanny Faye Visit Daughter-In-Law Julie Chrisley In Prison?

The question was posed on Reddit regarding whether Nanny Faye makes the trip to see Julie. While Julie Chrisley did legally adopt Lindsie, Lindsie has not spoken about traveling to see Julie since she’s been behind bars. If Nanny Faye is still living with Lindsie, it stands to reason that she would travel with Lindsie when Lindsie goes to visit Todd, though.

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Fans assume Nanny Faye also has the option of tagging along with Chase and/or Savannah. As fans know, Savannah and Chase make sure that someone visits Julie and someone visits Todd each week. They alternate weeks. Chloe and Grayson usually take along with Savannah. However, social media activity confirms Grayson does not always go with Savannah on the trips.
Savannah Chrisley actually got ripped by fans for taking Chloe and Grayson to the prisons on a weekly basis. Fans argued it was a lot of traveling for children who should be able to enjoy their weekends off of school without having to travel.

Nanny Faye and Savannah - YouTube - Embed

Nanny Faye does spend time with Kyle Chrisley from time to time as well. Kyle actually posted a video on his profile a little while back of himself picking up his grandmother and helping her run errands.

As fans know, Nanny Faye maintained contact with Kyle even when his relationship with Todd crumbled. Given their relationship, fans aren’t too surprised to see her pop up on his Instagram from time to time.

Is She Bitter Toward Julie?

Now, there were some fans who speculated Nanny Faye might have bitter feelings because Todd was sentenced to more time behind bars than Julie. During the trial, however, fans learned it was Julie Chrisley who had stepped up to take care of Nanny Faye as she battled cancer. So, Julie going to jail was a huge loss for Nanny Faye.

Do you think Nanny Faye gets to visit Todd and Julie Chrisley? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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