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BIG UPDATES: Chase Chrisley Calls Out Fans For Evil & Hateful Behavior

Chase Chrisley has gone through a lot over the last year, with both of his parents going to prison. He has tried to keep his own life going in the meantime, but it seems his status as a Chrisley Knows Best reality TV star has painted a target on his back. Chase seems to have finally gotten tired of the abuse and has spoken out about the hateful and evil behavior of fans online.

Here is what Chase had to say and what he has asked fans to do instead.

Chase Chrisley Calls Out Evil, Hateful Behavior

Chase Chrisley has taken a lot of slack from fans since he began appearing on Chrisley Knows Best. However, things have likely gotten even worse since his parents went to jail for tax crimes. Chase’s sisters have mentioned how tough it has gotten – especially from fans online. However, it seems Chase is finally tired of it.

Chase Chrisley kissing Jodi Lane / IG

Chase took to his Instagram Stories and posted a wall of text giving his feelings about the hatred people have been throwing his way on social media. It isn’t people posting bad things about him on Twitter or Instagram. Instead, Chase let the world know that people have been bullying and harassing his girlfriend in DMs and comments on her posts. It seems some fans have specifically targeted the Chrisley Knows Best star in a personal manner.

Chase shared a post by Jodi Laine Fournerat. In the post, she wrote that the “ugliness, bullying, and harassment” she has received in DMs and comments has been “appalling.” She went on to say that the actions of these people on social media are both “disgusting and unacceptable.” Jodi pointed out that this behavior is what causes some people to take their own lives. She emphasized that she wasn’t talking about herself in that case. However, she did say that the world is “ugly and evil enough” and people shouldn’t add to that.

Chase Chrisley And Jodi Just Shared Their First Valentine’s Day Together

The hateful and evil comments from fans come around the time that Chase Chrisley and Jodi Laine Fournerat spent their first Valentine’s Day together. The couple have been dating since last November.

Chase Chrisley / IG

There is no indication of what the comments were about, but based on one line in Jodi’s post, it seems people don’t like the fact she is dating Chase. She wrote, “NONE of these hateful, unhappy individuals know me, my story/life, or @chasechrisley and I’s relationship.” That makes it seem like fans might not be over Chase splitting from his ex-fiancée Emmy Medders.

What are your thoughts about people showing hateful behavior on social media? What do you think about people personally attacking Chase Chrisley’s girlfriend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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