A ‘Time Traveller’ Says He Is The Only Survivor On Earth In 2028: Showing Videos & Photos

A TikToker who goes by Javier shares videos to his 8 million followers showing deserted scenes in Valencia, Spain as he claims he is the only human left on Earth

The person claiming to be a “time traveller” asserts that he is the sole survivor of Earth in the year 2028.

If his statement is taken to be true, it strongly suggests the existence of an alternate reality, commonly referred to as a parallel dimension.

This mysterious individual named Javier, of Spanish origin, asserts that he resides in the future, specifically in the year 2028. Furthermore, he claims to be the only remaining inhabitant of Earth in a post-apocalyptic world. The self-proclaimed time traveller shares images portraying his solitary existence on a popular social network.

Deserted Cities
Javier, who has gained immense popularity with 8 million followers on his TikTok account: Único Sobreviviente, discloses that he has been living alone in the future for over a year.

He spends his days searching for signs of human life. In his initial post, dated early last year, he wrote, “I woke up in a hospital and have no recollection of what might have transpired. Today is February 13, 2027, and I find myself utterly alone in the city.”

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Within his profile, Javier shares videos featuring completely abandoned cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville. Nevertheless, Javier’s posts have sparked a multitude of speculations among his followers. Many individuals believe that he employs some form of video editing technique to create the illusion of his solitude. Moreover, others question how he manages to maintain access to electricity and an internet connection in the absence of any other human beings.

Parallel Dimension?
When confronted by those requesting evidence to support his claims, Javier typically avoids providing direct answers. In response to one follower, he asserted that his videos were not manipulated or edited.

When another inquired about his continued access to electricity and the internet, Javier admitted uncertainty but hypothesized the existence of a “connection between the future and the present” within a parallel dimension.

Watch his video to see the videos and photos of a non-human Earth and decide for yourselves. Unfortunately, the video is in Spanish; it seems he didn’t have the time to learn English.

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Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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