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‘Yellowstone’ Kelly Reilly Has New Gig, Is She Leaving Show?

Yellowstone fans may be waiting for things to work out between Paramount and star Kevin Costner before Season 5, Part B is filmed. However, the star that portrays Beth Dutton is not sitting around waiting to film on the ranch.

Kelly Reilly has a lot on her plate now, in addition to her recent role in Kenneth Branagh’s A Haunting In Venice, she has a cornucopia of new roles. That includes the Paramount+ movie Little Wing, which also stars Brian Cox.

So, should fans of the Paramount series be concerned that she is leaving the show?

Is Kelly Reilly Too Busy To Star In Yellowstone?

Kelly Reilly could not be busier. The UK star is known around the world as Yellowstone’s mercurial Beth Dutton. Besides the Agatha Christie adaption, she is soon to start filming with Tom Hanks and Michelle Dockery in the movie Here. This is based on the Richard McGuire graphic novel.

Therefore, is Kelly Reilly too busy to star in Yellowstone? It is hard to know if she will have conflicts with future projects. Firstly, the Taylor Sheridan series is currently on hold. This is not due to Kevin Costner filming his own project.

Instead, it is because the SAG-AFTRA strike continues. Right now, it is at 100 days long. It sounds like Taylor has a script. They just need the strike to be over so that they can film.

However, when they film, the length of filming and what happens with her character will determine how long filming will be for the Pride & Prejudice star. That means fans won’t know how this plays out until the strike is over, and filming schedules set.

What Kelly Reilly Says About Her Role As Beth Dutton’s Ending

Does Kelly Reilly know what will happen to her character? Over the summer, she spoke to Insider about the end of Yellowstone. Specifically, she talked about Beth Dutton. Firstly, she admitted that she is not privy to what will happen to Beth. “I don’t know which way it’s going to go, but we’re in season five, and who knows what’s in store. Though, it will probably be beautiful and epic, I’m not sure it will be happy.”

She continued, “I don’t have any insight into what’s going to happen. We’re all sort of beholden to the vision of the storyteller and we serve the story.”

In other words, whatever series creator Taylor Sheridan decides, they will do it.

Yellowstone Season 5B Will End Paramount Series

Right now, Yellowstone will end with Season 5B. These final episodes, which could be a total of six episodes or more, will end the series. After that, Kelly can star in more big projects and unique series. But, she will never be forgotten as Beth Dutton.

Yellowstone fans, what do you think will happen to Beth Dutton in the final episodes?

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