‘Yellowstone’: 5 Things We Want to See Before the Show Ends

We have needs! Here’s what we’re hoping to see before TV’s most popular drama, Yellowstone, featuring the dysfunctional cattle-ranching Dutton clan, rides off into the sunset.

1. Beth and Rip adopt Carter.

OK, Beth (Kelly Reilly) doesn’t have to let young Carter (Finn Little) call her “mom,” as he once asked. But seeing her and Rip (Cole Hauser), whose tragic childhoods brought them each tons of grief, break the cycle of bad parenting might be the greatest redemptive plotline of all.

2. Jamie gets what’s coming.

Black-sheep lawyer Jamie (Wes Bentley), aka the family punching bag, is a self-loathing mess. He called for his father’s impeachment as governor and vowed to kill Beth. We hope that before he can off his sister, he faces the consequences of the murders he’s already committed.

3. John finds peace.

Patriarch John (Kevin Costner) has lied, cheated and killed to save his precious Yellowstone ranch. Why wish him peace? If he finds it — perhaps with his current girlfriend, animal rights activist Summer (Piper Perabo), or Sen. Lynelle Perry (Wendy Moniz), his ex-squeeze — his deep hurts may start to heal.

4. Kayce and Monica take over the ranch.

Monica (Kelsey Asbille) and Kayce (Luke Grimes) have been through hell. They’ve already returned to the ranch and have a true love for the land. With her Native American heritage and his ranching know-how (plus his recent sincere interest in his wife’s tribe), they can make it a forward-thinking operation that’s inclusive of Indigenous traditions.

5. Rainwater scores a win for the tribe.

Tribal chairman and casino mogul Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) has been a formidable foe for John Dutton and, when times required it, a friend. The endgame for him and right-hand man Mo Brings Plenty (Mo Brings Plenty) has been to improve life for the Broken Rock Tribe. And he’s now facing an internal challenger for his powerful position. Give this man a big win! 

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