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Why Temp Joss, Courtney Fulk, Deserves a Permanent Role on GH

Think of all the GH roles she could play!

While actress Eden McCoy was mourning the tragic loss of her mother, Courtney Fulk stepped into the role of Josslyn Jacks on General Hospital. She did an incredible job, especially with such heart-tugging material as Bobbie’s death and Adam’s attempted suicide. While fans are happy to see McCoy back, which she will be on Friday, February 2, we aren’t quite ready to let Fulk go for good.

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The Time Before

There is precedent for this kind of sleight of hand. Back in 1985, Kevin Bernhardt assumed the part of Frisco Jones while Jack Wagner was indisposed. To thank him for his service, The Powers That Be created the role of Kevin O’Connor just from him. Mild-mannered Kevin turned out to be a psycho killer. But actors love those kinds of juicy roles. Even if they aren’t destined to last for long.

The Other Time

More recently, Chloe Lanier made such a splash playing the younger version of Bobbie (Jaclyn Zeman, remembered by co-workers here) and Luke’s (Anthony Geary) heretofore unknown sister, Pam, that she came back a few weeks later to play Nelle, who turned out to be Carly’s (Laura Wright) long-lost kind of sister, Nina’s (Cynthia Watros) actual long-lost daughter, and Joss’s secret kidney donor. Sure, Nelle turned out to be a psycho. But actors love those kinds of juicy roles. Even if they aren’t destined to last for long.

Three Times Is the Charm

Fulk deserves the same treatment. She could be an out of her coma, Lulu. Sure, she’s a little young for the part — but time is a relative concept on soaps. Or an aged-up Georgie. Fulk is 18 years younger than Kirsten Storms, who plays Maxie, so it could easily work in soap terms.

She could be a back from California Emma Scorpio Drake, if Brooklyn Rae Silzer, at 17, is still considered too young for a real, grown-up storyline. Or one of Esme’s (Avery Kristen Pohl) heretofore unseen adoptive siblings. The point is, we need Fulk to stay. She doesn’t even have to be a psycho!

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