SAD NEWS:‘Yellowstone’ Won’t be the Real ‘Yellowstone’ When It Moves to CBS This Fall

For those who think ‘Yellowstone’ is a bit too much with the language and the sex, fear not, major edits will have to be made when it comes to CBS this fall.

Fans of the hit series Yellowstone have relished its rawness, intricate storylines, and gripping drama. But devotees should brace for some notable changes to their beloved Western saga as the show prepares to debut on CBS.

While CBS is gearing up to welcome a wider audience to the world of the Dutton family, they’re making major changes to fit the mold of network television. This means some of your favorite moments may look or sound a bit different this fall.

‘Yellowstone’ will undergo major edits when it moves to CBS

CBS has a solid reason to tweak Taylor Sheridan’s hit series, Yellowstone. Given its soaring popularity, which even led to numerous spin-offs, the show’s raw form isn’t a fit for regular TV airings.

Don’t worry; it’ll still pack a punch with its wild escapades and edgy drama, just toned down a tad.

When it comes to modifications, language takes the lead. But CBS has its work cut out on that front. We don’t even want to know how often they’ll hit the bleep button to filter out swear words.

As for the skin in the show, Yellowstone’s free-spirited take on nudity is a touch too bold for CBS. Fans can expect some artful blurring, reminiscent of how Peacock handled Beth’s notable Season 1 scene for YouTube.

That said, language and nudity aren’t the only two things CBS will need to change before Yellowstone airs.

Taylor Sheridan’s epic western won’t be the same on network television

CBS has its work cut out with adjusting the timings for Yellowstone. While most network dramas neatly wrap up in around 42 minutes, Yellowstone episodes can be as brief as 37 or stretch up to 92 minutes.

So CBS has two choices: play around with their schedule or snip some bits here and there.

One possible snip? Maybe some of those long horse-riding scenes. It’s a smart way to save time without compromising the show’s essence too much.

Of course, we can’t imagine Yellowstone without its intense violence and drama. Yet, some of the more intense scenes, like the assault on Beth in season 2 or that intense moment with Wade’s brand in Season 3, might get a second look.

With these tweaks, Yellowstone on CBS will have a different feel. Fingers crossed, it remains just as captivating!

‘Yellowstone’ is coming to CBS (edits and all) this fall

CBS will introduce Yellowstone to a wider audience this fall, making it the perfect time for newcomers to jump aboard.

According to Deadline, the drama surrounding the Dutton family will start airing on CBS on September 17. It’ll take the prime slot right after some NFL action during Week 2 of the 2023 season. Just a heads up, the airing time might shuffle a bit, depending on CBS’s NFL schedule.

For those who missed the initial Yellowstone wave, this is your golden ticket to start from the very beginning of this Emmy-nominated series. And while we’re all eagerly awaiting fresh episodes from Sheridan, current industry strikes mean we’ll have to be content with reruns for a while.

Production on the second half of season 5 of Yellowstone is expected to begin after the strikes are over.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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