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Nic Kerdiles’ Sister Rips Press For Making It All About Chrisleys

Nic Kerdiles recently passed away in a motorcycle accident in Nashville. He was at a stop sign when he ran into another vehicle. The entire Chrisley family has been sharing their thoughts about his loss. Nic was engaged to Savannah Chrisley back in 2018-2020 and was on their reality show because of this. He was very close to the family at the time.

Nic Kerdiles’ Sister Speaks Out

Nic Kerdiles’ sister is speaking out and she is very unhappy with E! News for the fact that they are making his death about the Chrisleys. She shared, “Shame on you ENEWS!! Shame on you for making this horrible event about the Chrisley family and HER. Nic was a wonderful person and an amazing uncle and a professional hockey player before even meeting that family. SHAME ON YOU ENEWS!!!!”

Marine Kerdiles

It is obvious that she doesn’t feel like the pictures or the focus of a story about Nic Kerdiles death should be about the fact that he used to be engaged to Savannah Chrisley. They were no longer a couple and honestly were no longer even speaking. Savannah had made that clear.

Fans on Reddit seem to agree with her. Here is what some of them had to say:

Good for her! Maybe now Savannah will get the d**n hint that making this about her is not only inappropriate but disgusting and insulting.
That family is grieving and it’s so sad. It’s very clear how they feel about HER!!!!
I applaud her!!! It’s BS that Her name has to keep coming up just bc they dated. He had a life before & after her so it’s nonsense. My prayers for Nics family.

Lindsie Chrisley Trashes Her Family

Lindsie Chrisley also didn’t agree with everything going on. She went to her Instagram Story and shared that she wouldn’t be speaking out on Nic’s death. The post that she made said, “My heart goes out to his family and loved ones. I’ve seen several things about his family wanting no association and for that, I respect that decision and hope for them to find peace in their hearts and hope they are given proper space to grieve.” Lindside sounds like she is trying to respect Nic’s family.

Savannah has made several posts about his death and so has Chase. Grayson made a post as well. The boys were both very close to Nic Kerdiles when he was with Savannah and hung out with him after their split as well. Todd and Julie Chrisley are both in prison at this time and have not had anything to say.

Are you shocked to see Nic Kerdiles’ sister speaking out against the press in this way? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. Don’t miss the Chrisley family when they return with a new reality show.



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