Chrisley Knows Best: Chase Chrisley Soft Launches His New Girlfriend After Breakup With Emmy Medders!

Chase Chrisley became a celebrity from a very young age. He hogged the spotlight after Todd and Julie decided to make their family public on Chrisley Knows Best. The young reality TV celeb is trying his best to take his parents out of prison these days.

Moreover, Chase is also trying to move on with his relationship with Emmy Medders. The two were madly in love and wanted to tie the knot soon. However, things went south, and they had to part ways. The couple were engaged for a long time before their split.

Recently, Chase teased his fans that he already started dating. Now, it appears that he has soft-launched his new partner on social media recently. Who is she?

Chrisley Knows Best: Chase Reveals New Girlfriend On Instagram!

Chase Chrisley made headlines for his breakup with Emmy Medders. The couple exchanged rings in 2022 and waited a long time to tie the knot. Sadly, the couple parted ways after a mutual decision. Recently, Chrisley Knows Best revealed that he has started seeing other women.

Now, it appears that he slowly wants to introduce his new girlfriend to the world. Recently, Chase posted a picture of his hand while holding the hand of another girl as they sat inside a car. Fans can only spot the freshly manicured hand of the lady with a few bracelets.

Chase has a new love interest and I’ve found her IG lol. Poor girl
byu/VermicelliMother1662 inChrisleyKnowsBest


Finally, some fans took to Reddit to discuss the new lover of The USA Network star. A fan posted a picture of a girl named Kyle Cloe, taken the same night, with the same arms and bracelets. The OP stated, “Chase has a new love interest, and I’ve found her IG lol.”

The user pointed out that the bracelet in the hands of that girl and in Kyle’s picture are the same. Fans were quick to share their responses after the big revelation. One fan reacted, “Hmm, looks like he has a type…”

However, another pointed out, “Cute. Rebound. I suspect Chase will date many here and there.” Other fans compared her to Emmy Medders, as the former looked more like a party girl. Meanwhile, someone wrote, “Didn’t he break up with Emmy 3 ish months ago…? Yikes”

Chrisley Knows Best: Chase Teases Fans About His Dating Life!

Chase turned heads for his current relationship status with Emmy Medders. The Chrisley Knows Best celeb had been avoiding any statement about the truth. Finally, the reality TV celeb opened up about his dating life. So, in an interview, he confirmed that he was not dating his previous girlfriend anymore.

Also, the USA Network celeb teased his fans that he is back to dating again. Seemingly, the ex-couple had been together a long time. Hence, fans wanted to know what happened to them. Chase Chrisley later alleged that he was lucky to come out of the relationship with Emmy.


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The reality TV star, Chase, claimed that their relationship suffered after the prison sentence of his parents, Todd and Julie. But he is ready for another wonderful experience again. Stay tuned to the TV Season & Spoilers to know if the new girl Kyle and Chase from Chrisley Knows Best are actually dating.


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