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Hopeful Emmy Medders Leans On Faith Amid Split Rumors

A hopeful Emmy Medders took to Instagram to let her 220K followers she was leaning on her faith as rumors of her split from Chase Chrisley continue to swirl. Emmy radiated in the photo she attached to her Instagram update while flashing her pearly whites for the camera. What exactly did she have to say in her latest update as rumors her engagement with Chase Chrisley is over continue to make rounds on various social media platforms? What did her Instagram followers have to say in response? Keep reading for the details.

Hopeful Emmy Medders Leans On Faith Amid Split Rumors

Emmy Medders shared a beautiful photo of herself on Instagram in the past 24 hours. The photo featured her with her eyes squinting shut because of how large the smile on her face was. She appeared to be standing in an arched tunnel of vibrant greenery. Emmy Medders had her mouth gaping open with a huge smile on her face as she flashed her top pearly white teeth for the camera. Her bottom teeth were tucked under her tongue and hidden behind her bottom lip.

Emmy Medders [Source: Instagram]

Emmy donned a vibrant long sleeve white top that complemented the green leaves arched around her. She paired her buttoned-up white top with a pair of light denim jeans that hugged her petite waist. Emmy Medders went for a more modest look with this photo as her vibrant white shirt was a bit oversized masking most of her curves.
Check out the photo she shared in the Instagram snap down below:

In the caption, she gave her Instagram followers who had been worried about her ever since rumors of her spit from Chase started to spread a lot of hope.

She penned attaching a single pink heart emoji: “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12”

Her Followers Were Here For This Stunning Photo

If Emmy Medders was going through a difficult heartbreak, her followers were seemingly doing what they could to ease the pain by lifting her up with all sorts of kind words. Noticeably, this Instagram post did not have much chatter about Chase in the comment section at all. Here’s some of what her followers had to say about her photo:

“Stunning! Love that verse so good”
“You are such a Beautiful Bright light! Never lose your Shine, and look to the Lord Always”
“You are so beautiful! Keep glowing! “
“Stop it. This is precious. You are flawless. Beauty queen”
On Reddit, Chrisley Knows Best fans remain convinced Emmy and Chase are no longer together. But, the chatter of the split has not bled over into the comments of her most recent post.

Emmy Medders - Chase Chrisley Youtube

To date, Emmy Medders and Chase Chrisley have not confirmed or denied they are broken up. Though, there was some chatter that Chase did confirm the split by liking comments asking about it in a post he later deleted.

With news the family has a reality TV series in the works, it is possible Chase and Emmy are not able to talk about the status of their relationship.

Do you think fans have made up this entire break-up? Or, do you think Emmy and Chase are really over? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

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