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Heartland’s Georgie, Alisha Newton, Unleashes Shocking Facts That Will Leave You Stunned!”

Heartland’s Georgie Will Shock You With Her Facts! Alisha Newton

Fiery and tough, Georgie Fleming Morris has become one of the most loved characters on the hit TV series Heartland.

Georgie is a former foster child who was notorious for running away. However, she eventually gets adopted by Lou and Peter. She finds meaning through horses and develops a special connection with Phoenix.

Georgie’s love for the ranch soon turns into a passion for showjumping. She grows to become a talented rider with her eyes set on the Olympics.

Throughout Heartland, Georgie grows from a rebellious runaway to a strong, courageous woman. With the help of horses, she can fight through her struggles.

With Georgie becoming such a favorite among fans in recent seasons, many have wondered about the actress who plays Georgie on Heartland.

Who Plays Georgie in Heartland?

Alisha Newton is a Canadian actress who plays the role of Georgie Fleming Morris on Heartland. Born in 2001 in Vancouver, Canada, her estimated net worth is around $800,000.

Actress Alisha Newton who plays Georgie on Heartland
Height: 1.63 m
Nationality: Canadian
Born: 2001
Siblings: McKenzie Newton
Net Worth: $800,000
Star Sign: Cancer

Newton first began appearing in commercials at the age of four and began acting four years later. She has taken home three awards from the Young Artist Awards and The Joey Awards for her role as Georgie.

Just like her character Georgie, actress Alisha Newton also has a strong love for horses in real life.

Thanks to being a talented equestrian in real life, Alisha Newton has been able to showcase her riding skills as she portrays Georgie Fleming Morris.

Below, we answer some common FAQs and bring you interesting facts about the actress Alisha Newton, playing Georgie Fleming Morris in Heartland!

Alisha Newton TV Shows and Movies

  • Supernatural (2010) as Little Girl
  • Heartland (2012-present) as Georgina ‘Georgie’ Fleming Morris
  • Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013) as Young Annabeth
  • The Tree That Saved Christmas (2014) as Sofia Dunlap
  • The Hollow (2015) as Emma
  • When Calls the Heart (2015) as Nellie
  • Scorched Earth (2018) as Beatrice
  • We’re All in This Together (2021) as Paris Parker
  • Devil in Ohio (2022) as Helen

Facts About Alisha Newton

Alisha Newton’s Acting Career Began at the age of 4

Alisha Newton began her acting career when she was just four years old when she began appearing in commercials. Her parents believed that acting would help boost her and her sister McKenzie’s confidence.

At the age of eight, she shifted her career to auditioning for TV and film roles after discovering her passion for acting. Newton has acted in various roles and has appeared in an episode of Supernatural (2010) and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013).

Alisha Newton’s favorite roles to play are flawed or damaged characters in some way as she enjoys the challenges they present.

Other than Heartland, some of her more recent appearances include The Tree That Saved Christmas (2014), The Hollow (2015), and Scorched Earth (2018).

Alisha Newton has Been Riding Horses Since the Age of 2

Alisha Newton’s love for horses began at a young age, as she would ride ponies at her grandparents’ farm. From there, she started to take riding lessons at the age of 10.

Actor Alisha Newton who plays Georgie Fleming Morris on Heartland

When she was around 10 years old, Newton got her first horse. She currently owns two horses, Diva and Aflame. Diva is a bay Oldenburg mare and Alfame is a pinto Dutch Warmblood gelding.

Before getting on the Heartland show, Alisha Newton was mainly a hobby rider. However, the show ignited her competitive side, and she likes to take part in show jumping competitions whenever her time allows.

In addition to horses, Newton also has a miniature Australian Shepherd named Zoey and a cat named Louis.

Alisha Newton Grew up on the Heartland Show

Alisha Newton was only 10 years old when she auditioned for the role of Georgie on Heartland back in 2012. She received a callback and did a “chemistry read” with the actors of Mallory and Ty. Chemistry reads allow directors to see how an actor with potential interacts with existing cast members.

Georgie Fleming Morris on Heartland

Alisha Newton is now 21 and views the Heartland cast as a huge family. Her best friend on the set is Madison Cheeatow, the actress playing Jade on the show. She’s also developed a close friendship with Ziya Matheson playing Lou’s daughter Katie, to whom she even gives riding lessons on her own horses!

Her famous role on Heartland has won Alisha Newton several awards, including one of the Young Artist Awards (2013), The Joey Awards (2014), and The Joey Awards for Best Actress in a TV Drama Leading Role (2015). She’s also received several nominations for her performance on the show.

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FAQs About Alisha Newton

Does Alisha Really Ride on Heartland?

Yes, Alisha Newton who plays Georgie really rides horses on Heartland. Since Alisha Newton is a gifted equestrian, she does most of her riding scenes in the show.

Alisha Newton is a talented rider and competes in show jumping with her two gorgeous mounts. She has found lots of success in the show ring, as she competes several times a year. When not filming Heartland, she spends most of her time training at the barn.

On Heartland, Alisha Newton gets to do most of her jumping scenes and even some trick riding ones. With the show, she can combine her passion for acting and horses.


Is Alisha Newton Married?

No, Alisha Newton is not currently married, nor has she ever been engaged. Like many celebrity actors, Newton keeps her love life relatively private. While there have been rumors she is dating Reas Schmaling, there is no confirmation as to whether or not she is single or in a relationship.

See a wonderful YouTube video below about Alisha Newton’s personal and acting life (we believe she is now single, so the boyfriend part may not be out of date):

Does Georgie on Heartland Have a Stunt Double?

Though Alisha Newton does most of her riding as Georgie, she does have a stunt double for dangerous stunts like falling off or advanced trick riding. Newton is not allowed to perform riding scenes that have a high risk of injury because of insurance reasons.

However, because she’s an experienced equestrian in real life, Alisha Newton gets to do scenes that involve riding on the flat and jumping smaller obstacles. She even trained for and did the mounted archery scene in season 10, episode 6, “The Green-Eyed Monster”!

Does Alisha Newton Own Phoenix?

No, Alisha Newton does not own Phoenix. Phoenix is actually played by two horses, the Quarter Horse Jag, and the jumping horse Ghost. Jag does all the standing around in the barn and the Western riding scenes, while Ghost does all the jumping scenes.

Phoenix and Georgie on Heartland

According to Newton, their relationship with Jag didn’t start too well as the actress was still young and a bit too affectionate towards the horse. Alisha Newton’s favorite horse on the set is actually Bullseye, who portrays Jack’s horse, Buddy.

The only biological relatives of Georgie’s that appear in the show are her brother, Jeff Crawley, and her aunt, Crystal Norwood. We first see Jeff in episode 18 of season 6, “Under Pressure”, while aunt Crystal doesn’t appear until episode 8 of season 8 “The Family Tree”.

Georgie’s biological parents died in a car crash when she was only three years old, leaving her orphaned. Through the foster care system, she runs away from every foster home until she finds her haven in Heartland.

Who is Georgie’s Boyfriend on Heartland?

Georgie’s first boyfriend on Heartland was Adam Parker, who was her math tutor for some time. Although she dislikes him at first, they develop a connection while working together at the wildlife reserve. The couple breaks up in season 10 when Adam reads Georgie’s texts out of insecurity.

After her relationship with Adam ended, Georgie goes on a few dates with Wyatt McMurtry. They get together for a short time in season 11 but break up because Wyatt still has a girlfriend in Calgary. Later on, Wyatt comes back to let Georgie know he ended it and the couple starts dating once again.

In season 11, Georgie also develops a crush on Dylan Westfield, a young British showjumper. While they share some good moments training together, they never go into a relationship.

As of now, Georgie is dating Quinn McGregor. Quinn is from Florida and works as a horse trainer. He coaches Georgie in showjumping and it is clear the two have a strong relationship.


Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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