“Heartland Season 18: Show’s Stars Hint at Strong Possibility”

The anticipation that typically follows after one season of Heartland ends is getting stronger with each day that goes by without an official renewal announcement.

But now that the whispers of renewal for season 18 are growing louder, fans of Canada’s longest-running one-hour drama have every reason to be hopeful.

What whispers am I talking about? Keep on reading to find out!

The Heartland cast is “very hopeful” about season 18

It was during the recent Virtual FanFest, hosted by UP Faith & Family in honor of the US premiere of Heartland season 17, that the stars of the show offered some promising insights into the future of the beloved series.

During the event, which happened on April 15th, Amber Marshall, the heart and soul of Heartland who portrays Amy Fleming, addressed a fan’s eager question about the likelihood of season 18.

With a hopeful tone, Amber shared that while the official renewal has not yet been announced, the preproduction wheels are already in motion. The team is currently exploring scripts and story ideas for the new season.

“We’re patiently waiting to hear, but … if all goes well, then yes, there will be a season 18, but we will keep you posted on that; we’re very hopeful,” Amber confidently told the virtual audience.

Adding to the optimism, Chris Potter, who plays Tim Fleming, reassured fans about the future, stating that there’s a “strong probability of yes” regarding the show’s return.

Isn’t that some good news after months of silence on what lies ahead for Heartland?

When can we expect a renewal announcement?

If the last five years are any indication, then the official season 18 renewal announcement should come relatively soon.

The announcements for seasons 13 to 16 came at the end of May or early June. And, just last year, CBC announced that Heartland would be back for season 17 on May 8, which is just a couple short weeks away.

So, fingers crossed that all does go well and the news of a season 18 renewal appears on our social media feeds soon!

But while we await the official green light for season 18, let’s hold onto the optimism shared by Amber Marshall and Chris Potter and look forward to more Heartland.

And watching the show on the various platforms it’s available on (season 17 premiered on UP Faith & Family on April 25th) and making noise about Heartland on social media couldn’t hurt either!

What can we expect from Heartland season 18?

Looking ahead, the prospect of season 18 promises more than just a continuation of the fan-favorite series. It’s an opportunity to dive deeper into the lives of the characters who have become like family to us, as well as an invitation to explore new challenges and triumphs and, perhaps, to welcome new faces to the Heartland family as the show often does with every new season.

And, of course, we also wouldn’t mind seeing some old characters make an appearance on the show again since the essence of Heartland is not just in its storytelling but in its ability to connect with viewers, offering solace, joy, and a sense of belonging.

So, really, what we can look forward to when (hopefully!) the show is renewed for another season is getting to go home to the Heartland Ranch and spend more time with the family that means so much to so many of us.

P.S. While we’re waiting for the go-ahead for season 18, you can reminisce about all the beautiful moments of the previous Heartland season by reading our recaps of the episodes.

And look out for a new article here on the blog and posts on our socials once season 18 is officially announced.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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