General Hospital: Willow’s Baby Is In DANGER, Heather Decides To Steal The Baby

General Hospital might be in for a dangerous and emotional drama. The spoilers tease that Willow and her baby will soon face some complications. In the meantime, Esme is also pregnant and can deliver anytime because of the immense stress she is getting. What if the story comes up with a two-delivery-went-wrong scenario? What if … Read more

General Hospital Stars Address When Trina and Spencer Will Kiss

Tabyana Ali and Nicholas Alexander Chavez explained “Sprina’s” slow start on GH. Soaps started picking up the pace on their storylines years ago, but one couple that’s being given the slow burn treatment on General Hospital is Spencer and Trina. Their portrayers, Nicholas Alexander Chavez and Tabyana Ali, recently chatted about the duo’s future at … Read more

GH’s Maurice Benard & Alicia Leigh Willis On The Other Side Of Mental Illness

Alicia Leigh Willis explored being on the receiving end of another’s mental health struggle. Alicia Leigh Willis was just 23 years old when she signed on to play Courtney Matthews on General Hospital — Maurice Benard’s character Sonny Corinthos’s half-sister. The actress bonded with the actor immediately but had no idea he was suffering from … Read more

Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For GH: Robert Gossett

General Hospital actor Robert Gossett played Marshall’s deep sense of loss brilliantly. General Hospital viewers learned a while back that Marshall Ashford walked out on his family so they wouldn’t be burdened with knowing he has schizophrenia. The show’s scribes added a new dynamic to this tale which allowed Robert Gossett, Marshall’s portrayer, to shine … Read more