Roseanne Barr Said She ‘Would D ie Many Times’ after Sara Gilbert ‘Destroyed’ Her Life and She Got Fired.

Roseanne Barr revealed the truth about her “terrifying” experience after being fired from “The Conners.” The actress claimed Sara Gilbert destroyed her life and show. Roseanne revealed the double standards of Hollywood and spoke about the death of her character on the show. Roseanne Barr, famous for her self-titled sitcom, has been through a lot … Read more

18-Year-Old Girl Puts up Newborn Son for Adoption, Baby Disappears from Hospital the Next Day – Story of the Day

A teenage girl gives up on her newborn son and abandons him in the hospital shortly after birth. The next day, the hospital calls her mother to say the child had gone missing and that they knew who was to blame!! Emily Henson was only 18 when she got pregnant with her boyfriend Shaun’s child. … Read more

Elon Musk vows to defend Donald Trump after his arrest next week

Money Talks: Musk Pledges to Defend Trump with Bottomless Pockets and Unwavering Loyalty. In a surprising move, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has announced that he will be defending former President Donald Trump after his anticipated arrest next week. Musk has reportedly assembled a team of top-notch lawyers to help defend his friend. “I believe in … Read more

Whoopi Goldberg apologizes for using a slur on ‘The View’

Whoopi Goldberg expressed regret for using a slur on an episode of “The View” this week. Goldberg said a derogatory word that’s been used to describe Romani people. While discussing former President Donald Trump, Goldberg said his followers believe that “he got (expletive)” during the 2020 election. In a video posted after the show aired, … Read more

Wealthy father builds 90 homes for the homeless in honor of his daughter’s wedding

Most of the time, weddings are occasions for love, joy, and celebration. Nonetheless, they also frequently bring about minor surprises. Hence, once the big day arrives and you’re in the thick of it, you never quite know what will happen. Indian businessman Ajay Munot decided to spend his $11 million on a unique present for … Read more

Teenage girl gave birth at age 14 and graduated from college holding her daughter’s hand

At age 14, Rachel Campi became pregnant and stopped attending school. However, the adversity did not devastate the young mother. She made a commitment to herself that she would persevere. She would work and study hard to provide her young daughter with the ideal childhood. And Rachel recently shared heartfelt pictures on social media after … Read more