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Yellowstone is coming to an end after Season 5 concludes, yet there is a sequel series coming. A sequel is a mistake that could harm the franchise.

Yellowstone has been a smash hit for Paramount since it started. The unique blend of almost gangland drama, family drama and the quiet life of a rancher has managed to connect with multiple demographics. Now the show is coming to an end because of some unfortunate rumored disputes between Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner. Yet, there are also rumblings of a sequel series in the works, but this is a mistake. Yellowstone is lightning in a bottle and trying to capture that same spirit twice can only lead to the destruction of Taylor Sheridan’s TV legacy.


The story of Yellowstone Ranch and the Duttons has already expanded far beyond the original series of Yellowstone. 1883 and 1923 both explored the history of the Duttons and how they settled and defended their ranch from all threats. Yet, neither of these series has seen the same high level of acclaim and success as Yellowstone itself. Neither of these spinoffs has been bad, but it shows that while there is a hunger to see more Yellowstone, continuing the series through different spinoffs and sequels may not be the way to achieve that.

What Is Yellowstone Without John Dutton?

Yellowstone' Season 5 Tailer: John Dutton Makes Debut As Governor

The entire cast of Yellowstone helps to make the show special, but there is no doubt that Kevin Costner’s John Dutton is the glue that holds the entire show together. Not only is he the only main character, but his presence on screen is absolutely dominating. His deep, growly voice strikes fear into his enemies, yet conveys affection to his family. Costner has also nailed giving stone-cold looks that stop everyone in their tracks. While 1923 has Harrison Ford at the helm, it seems even the incredible acting skills of Ford can’t fill the void left by the lack of Kevin Costner in the prequel.

In the sequel series, the rumor is that Matthew McConaughy would be taking over the lead role. There is no doubt that McConaughy has star power and significant acting ability, but he doesn’t have the same strong presence on screen as a seasoned veteran like Costner. Costner seems to have worked his entire career for a role like John Dutton. Dutton is Costner and the fight for Yellowstone Ranch seems to belong to Costner as much as it does to his character. The opening on Yellowstone was John Dutton, and the series should end with John Dutton.

A Bad Sequel Can Ruin Yellowstone

No matter how good the original is, a bad sequel can dominate the conversation more than anything. When people think of the Terminator franchise, it starts with one comment about how good Terminator 1 & 2 are, then immediately it becomes about how bad the rest of the franchise is, overshadowing the good films. The same could happen with a Yellowstone sequel. Trying to continue the modern fight for Yellowstone Ranch without John Dutton seems like it would be incredibly hard to shake the ghost of Kevin Costner. Even without him in the show, his presence would continue to loom.

Yellowstone will no doubt have a long-lasting memory in the age of streaming and modern television. It seems to have revived the love for the Western genre with a new generation, and Kevin Costner is a huge part of that. Trying to continue Yellowstone in a sequel, even with a stunning actor, is a mistake. A bad sequel can end a franchise way quicker than a good sequel can elevate it. Kevin Costner is so essential to the franchise that his presence will continue to hang over the future of the franchise.

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