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Pregnant Dog Survives Rattlesnake Bite and Gives Birth to 7 Puppies Moments After Her Rescue

pregnant dog survives rattlesnake bite

Molly the rescue dog and her puppies are recuperating from the eventful birth at the Arizona Humane Society

Molly the dog is an unstoppable mom.


The rescue pooch is recuperating at the Arizona Humane Society’s Mutternity Suites — a “medically supervised area for pregnant and nursing dogs to give birth and care for their puppies” — after a harrowing birth experience, according to the rescue.

Arizona Humane Society (AHS) first learned about Molly from a local emergency animal clinic, which took in the heavily pregnant homeless animal after a rattlesnake bit the canine.

By the time AHS’s Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ (EAMT) arrived at the clinic to assist Molly, the dog had received antivenom treatment and given birth to three puppies.

The EAMTs put 1-year-old Molly and her new pups in their pet ambulance and rushed the family to AHS’ trauma hospital for further care. During the journey to the hospital, Molly welcomed two more puppies, but the mother dog wasn’t done yet.


pregnant dog survives rattlesnake bite

Molly and her five puppies received medical exams after reaching the hospital and then were placed in AHS’ Mutternity Suites, where Molly gave birth to two more puppies.

The family of eight is now resting up and getting time to bond at the Mutternity Suites. Molly and her 1-week-old puppies are doing well following Molly’s rattlesnake run-in and eventful birth. All of the dogs will remain at the Mutternity Suites, receiving on-site care until they are ready to move into a foster home.

Molly isn’t the only mom getting some well-deserved rest and relaxation at the Mutternity Suites; she is sharing the space with two other new moms. Together the trio is caring for 22 puppies in total.

pregnant dog survives rattlesnake bite


All of the families are searching for foster homes. Animal lovers who want to open their homes to the dogs can learn more about fostering at AHS’s website.

Once a mother and her pups leave AHS’s Mutternity Suites, they make room for a new rescue dog mom looking for a helping hand. AHS anticipates assisting upwards of 500 mom dogs and puppies at their Mutternity Suites this year.

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