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90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance viewers got to witness the unusual relationship between Nicole and Mahmoud Sherbiny. The Other Way stars crossed paths when Nicole went to Egypt for a trip. The two instantly clicked, and the latter proposed to her during the very first day of their meeting. But, the couple’s storyline ended on a sad note when Mahmoud showed his true colors on the Tell-All special. Previously, the couple encountered ugly fights over their cultural differences. Nicole went to Egypt to gradually move there forever. However, traveling and living are two completely different things. She discovered several issues while dealing with the cultural shock. Eventually, they parted ways. But there is proof now that they reunited in America!

90 Day Fiance: Nicole & Mahmoud El Sherbiny Reunited After Huge Cultural Clash!

90 Day Fiance stars Nicole and Mahmoud had a tumultuous relationship. The Other Way couple began to suffer as she encountered frequent disagreements and cultural shock in Egypt. Soon, she returned to America when things didn’t work for them. She even suggested Mahmoud live with her in America. However, the latter was uncomfortable living there, being a Muslim and also an Egyptian. But it seems that the TLC star eventually decided to give it a shot for his wife. Recently, the reality TV couple was spotted together in California. They got spotted at the Los Angeles International Airport. According to Starcasm, Nicole and Mahmoud came together at the Airport.


90 Day Fiance

Seemingly, Nicole was waiting for her husband with a welcome board at the airport. She wrote “Welcome Home Mahmoud, my love” on a white background with multiple colors. She also surprised her fans by flaunting a new hair color. The TLC celebrity turned her blonde hair to ginger while her bob cut remained the same. Mahmoud appeared at the gate, and Nicole hugged him without thinking twice. The two stared at each other, expressing their happiness, but they were not alone. The camera team of TLC were following them and recording their conversation. Hence, it appears like they may be filming for the next or some other season of 90 Day Fiance.

90 Day Fiance: Are Nicole & Mahmoud Prepping Up For The Next Season?

Nicole and Mahmoud started facing issues as soon as the former star entered Egypt. However, she found out later that the problem was not with the country but with her husband. The TLC celebrity tried to dictate to his wife and always told her what to wear. Now as the two were finally spotted together, fans can expect that they are returning to a 90 Day Fiance spin-off. However, it is not clear what season they were shooting for.



We can predict that they might be shooting for 90 Day Fiance Season 10. Apparently, TLC picks couples from America who want to marry people of other nationalities. Then, they invite their finances under the K1 Visa to give them three months to tie the knot. Hence, we can say that The Other Way stars are most likely shooting for Season 10 of the show. Keep coming back to TV Seasons & Spoilers for more updates on Nicole and Mahmoud’s relationship.






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