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90 Day Fiance

Rishi and Jen came together on 90 Day Fiance to depict their storyline from the Indian city of Jaipur. Alas, the stars weren’t in their favor. When the former told his family about his engagement and relationship with the American woman, they were against it. Rishi’s mother, Shimla, had a massive issue with Jen’s age, as she is 16 years older than her partner. Well, the family came together during the Tell-All, and there were many shocking revelations!

90 Day Fiance: Rishi Says He Considers Himself Engaged To Jen! She Disagrees

Jen and Rishi parted ways in 90 Day Fiance when the latter’s parents intervened. But, the couple featured in the Tell-All together to give an update about their relationship. While the former said they have been “talking a little,” Rishi stated that he considers himself “engaged” to Jen. Well, most of the castmates disapproved of this. In fact, Gabe directly accused the Indian man of “dancing around” and trying to be very diplomatic in Jen and his family’s eyes. He also told Rishi that he doesn’t “defend his woman.”


90 Day Fiance

Jen and Rishi had a chance to reconnect after the season wrapped up. It happened after the former attended a common friend’s wedding, and the latter was also there. That was enough for the Indian man to think they were back on track. But Jen wanted more clarification. Even if they got intimate, it was still unclear what Rishi’s family thought about their reconciliation. Well, at first, he said that his family knew about their getting back together. But when the 90 Day Fiance castmate’s mother, Shimla, and her brother came, they completely denied knowing that the couple had reconnected. This proved that Rishi had lied once again.

90 Day Fiance: Jen Hurls Abuses At Rishi’s Mother For Age-Shaming Her!

Another interesting segment of the show was when Rishi talked to his mother and uncle on the show. In order to prove he was serious about starting a life with Jen, he had to declare something. The 90 Day Fiance castmate told his mom that her permission didn’t matter and he would marry Jen within a year or six months. Well, the castmates didn’t appear convinced as Rishi has been equivalent to the boy who cried wolf. At last, his mother, Shimla, again stated they wouldn’t accept Jen as their daughter-in-law as she is older than her son, and that is something they just don’t want.

90 Day Fiance


Well, Jen had had enough. In an upcoming promo of the show, she called Rishi. That’s when she started crying and saying his mother didn’t have to mention again and again that she was older than him. At last, when the American woman couldn’t control herself, she said “f**k her” to Rishi’s mother. She also warned him that if his mother mentioned her age again, then the couple would “never speak” again. A lot of them have given up hope on the Indian man and are sure he has no intentions of marrying Jen and is simply wasting both their time. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest 90 Day Fiance updates.


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