Wealthy father builds 90 homes for the homeless in honor of his daughter’s wedding

Most of the time, weddings are occasions for love, joy, and celebration.

Nonetheless, they also frequently bring about minor surprises.

Hence, once the big day arrives and you’re in the thick of it, you never quite know what will happen.

Indian businessman Ajay Munot decided to spend his $11 million on a unique present for his daughter’s wedding.

Instead of buying a luxurious car or opulent mansion for his family’s nuptials, Munot made the decision to spend the money to construct 90 homes for the homeless back in 2017.

“I suddenly thought I should do something for the less fortunate in September of last year while organizing my daughter’s wedding. We had already made all the necessary reservations for the wedding, but Munot told India Today, “Somehow I felt I wanted the less fortunate to be a part of this great occasion.

The wheat and textile wholesaler set aside the money for his daughter’s wedding, but none of the money was used for the ceremony itself.

The couple did get a new house, and they supported Munot’s decision to donate his money to the homeless people wholeheartedly.

“I conducted a survey and chose 90 such families. I only wanted those who abstained from alcohol consumption and did not consume meat because I am a Jain (a member of an ancient Indian sect). The houses we constructed have a room and a kitchen that measure 12 feet by 20 feet each. I asked my daughter Shreya to give these individuals the house keys after the wedding so we could accept their blessings.

We think Munot’s decision to construct these homes is amazing—not every wealthy person is so kind with their money!

What do you think of Munot’s decision to donate his funds to a destitute shelter rather than an opulent daughter’s wedding?

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