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BREAKING NEWS: Is Lola Pearce no longer alive? What happens ?

EASTENDERS fans have broken down in tears after Lola Pearce was given devastating news.

The hairdresser – who is played by actress Danielle Harold in the BBC soap – is dying of a terminal brain tumour.

EastEnders' Lola Pearce has been told how long she has to live


In tonight’s episode she was called by the hospital for an urgent meeting after tests following her advancing symptoms.

After trying to put off her visit to the hospital for as long as possible, Lola had no choice but to go.

She tried to distract herself from what was coming by inviting the consultant to her fundraiser for the local cancer support group.

But as she nervously babbled, the doctor had to deliver some devastating news.


“Lola I’m afraid it’s not good news,” she told her.

“The MRI had detected the tumour is advancing again.”

Lola tried to pretend that she didn’t know what it meant and asked for further treatment.

The doctor told her: “We can talk about starting you on a cycle of chemotherapy.

“But I must stress this is purely palliative.”


Lola fell into silence as Jay asked what it all meant in reality.

The doctor told her: “Lola, I am very sorry but we’re talking six months at best.”

Lola sobbed and viewers joined her.

One wrote: “i knew it was coming but poor lola :(((.”

A second said: “Lola i know it’s only a soap but it breaks my heart.”

Another added: “This is sad because we know it’s not going to be 6 month’s but less.”


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