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GH Spoilers Speculation: Dex Switches His Loyalty To Sonny Corinthos

How will Michael react to this General Hospital betrayal?

When Dex first arrived in Port Charles, he was secretly working for Michael to take down Sonny, but GH spoilers suggest, now that Sonny has saved Dex’s life, the tables could turn. Could this be the final straw that shifts Dex from Team Michael to Team Sonny? Three reasons why it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

GH Spoilers Speculation: No Plan

Working for Michael (Chad Duell) must be a heck of a challenge. To start with, we have no idea what his plan is. And we don’t know, we have to assume, that Dex (Evan Hofer) doesn’t know either. He’s supposed to get close to Sonny, he’s supposed to watch Sonny, and he’s supposed to bring Sonny down as a result. This is as good as South Park’s Underpants Gnomes plan. Step #1: Steal Underpants. Step #2: ???? Step #3: Profit!


Like the Underpants Gnomes, Michael is missing a Step #2. And if he can’t tell Dex what to do, Dex can’t…do it. It’s hard to stay loyal to a boss who won’t tell you what your job is.

GH: Blinded By Love

Carly (Laura Wright) is the most important woman in town. Basically, the queen. This makes daughter Joss (Eden McCoy) the Princess. Now that Dex is sleeping with Joss, she should be his only priority. As Joss is Sonny’s ex-stepdaughter, Sonny won’t like being betrayed by a dude who is practically family. He might kill Dex. And this would make Joss sad. Dex is not allowed to do anything to make Joss feel sad. End of story.

GH Spoilers: King of the World

Sonny is the most noble, giving, generous, loving man in Port Charles. If you don’t love him, you’re…wrong. Now that Dex has seen all of Sonny’s sterling qualities, how can he possibly do anything else but join the Sonny Mafia…for real this time? Welcome to the club! One of us!

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