EastEnders: Is Patsy Kensit leave the show ?

EastEnders star Patsy Kensit has confirmed when she will leave the BBC One soap.

The actress made her arrival a few weeks ago playing the role of Emma Harding, Lola’s (Danielle Harold) long-lost mother.

Reconnecting with her daughter hasn’t been an easy task for Emma. As well as revealing why Lola ended up in care, Emma has also had to come to terms with her daughter’s terminal illness.

To turn the tables, getting to know her mother has also been a challenge for Lola as recently, she realised Emma was meddling in her and Jay’s (Jamie Borthwick) life.

Entering Peggy’s, Emma spotted Jay talking to a woman while on his night out with Ben (Max Bowden) and Callum (Tony Clay).

While Jay was leaning closer to the woman so he could hear what she was saying, Emma viewed the exchange as something more and proceeded to tell Lola that her partner was cheating.

Right now, it doesn’t look as though Emma’s time in Walford could end positively but however she may exit, we don’t have long to wait.

‘I only finished shooting three or four weeks ago. I was only ever asked to come in for two blocks of shooting’, Patsy Kensit recently revealed on Good Morning Britain.

‘I had a blast on the show, Danielle is incredible. Jamie Borthwick, who plays her husband, we had a lot of scenes him and I arguing but he is the funniest guy. I made some really good friends there; the character is great, and I’m just stoked that I got to be on EastEnders. It was a dream come true!’

She added: ‘I think on soaps, they write such great roles for women of a certain age.

‘I go back to people like Pat Phoenix in Coronation Street, who people may not remember because that is a long, long time ago. But obviously, yes, Barbara Windsor, June Brown, they made such an impact on me with the great one-liners they had.

Emma's meddling leave Jay in trouble with Lola in EastEnders

‘When you get to play a role like that, it’s so delicious because you get to say all these things you would never say to anyone in real life – or at least I wouldn’t! And you kind of live vicariously through them.’

Reflecting on what it’s been like to be a part of another soap, Patsy said: ‘I’ve been a superfan of EastEnders for so many years and my first week I was terrified!

‘The pace is hard. It’s freezing cold in Walford, it has its own temperature, when you drive in you see the temperature drop by several degrees and then it goes back up when you drive out!

‘I have the greatest respect for the soap actors, the crew, and the writers on soaps because they are at the top of their game. Years ago, soaps were looked at as an actors’ graveyard, a long time ago.

‘But this is our drama on telly now. We have other one-off things, but people really invest in these shows.’


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