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Dick Van Dyke share heartbreaking news after serious injured car accident (Exclusive)

At the age of 97, fans feared the worst when learning film and TV legend Dick Van Dyke was in a car crash. Law enforcement sources have confirmed Dick Van Dyke was behind the wheel and it was a single-car crash. Likewise, it has also been confirmed that he was injured in the car crash. The real question fans of the TV icon is simple: Is he alright?

Dick Van Dyke, 97, injured in car crash

Speaking to law enforcement sources, TMZ was able to confirm that he somehow only sustained minor injuries after being behind the wheel during a single-car crash in Malibu.

Per TMZ, police confirm responding to a single-car accident on Wednesday morning of last week. When police arrived, they learned Dick Van Dyke was behind the wheel. He was driving a 2018 Lexus LS 500 and he crashed it into a gate.


The 97-year-old explained that he completely lost control of his vehicle and it ended up sliding before slamming into the nearby gate. The streets were reportedly soaking wet as the area had been getting non-stop rain as of late.


Dick Van Dyke did suffer some minor injuries. He was bleeding from both his mouth and his nose. Paramedics also believed he may have suffered a concussion. He did receive some medical treatment at the scene. The actor, however, did not want to take a trip to the hospital for additional screening and treatment.

TMZ goes on to confirm that there was no reason to believe drugs or alcohol was a factor in his car accident. Authorities, however, would like the DMV to retest the actor and film star to make sure it was still safe for him to be behind the wheel of a vehicle citing age as the reason why.


The outlet also confirms that Dick Van Dyke did not drive home following the accident. He was picked up by someone.

Fans wish he would have gone to the hospital

Fans of the TV legend wish he would have agreed to go to the hospital to get a more detailed check-up if for no other reason than the fact that he’s 97. His fans fear that more serious complications from the accident could come into play later. Some fans admit they didn’t realize Dick Van Dyke was even still alive.

Are you surprised to learn Dick Van Dyke was still driving at 97 years old?

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