Soldier DlES In Afghanistan, Wife Opens Laptop, Finds Hidden File

A young woman was made a widow when her soldier husband lost his life in Afghanistan. Two days after the funeral, she opened the laptop that he used during his deployment and found a file he had hidden. She couldn’t believe what it contained.

Lieutenant Todd Weaver with his wife Emma and daughter Kiley (Photo Credit: YouTube)

With very much love, Your Daddy

The letters to each of the leading ladies in Todd Weaver’s short life were emotional, yet strong, showing his bravery as he served, knowing he could end up making the ultimate sacrifice for his country. Emma wrote in her online blog, A Day in the Life, that although the words were “so hard” to read, they brought her peace and courage.

“I couldn’t imagine being at [email protected] and seeing what he did every day and then having the courage to write goodbye letters to the ones you love. He was so strong,” Emma wrote, adding that Todd’s words have given her “Courage to tackle each day with the same spirit he would have.

Lieutenant Todd Weaver’s letter to Emma

Always wanting to remember his encouraging words, she had the letters superimposed on photos. Her letter was placed over the couple’s wedding picture, while young Kiley’s is displayed along a photo of her with her dad, reading to her when she was around a week old, according to Daily Mail.

Both letters have been proudly displayed on the wall of Emma’s home. “Although they are private letters I have thought long and hard about how significant they are and the importance of sharing the depth of wisdom Todd had for being 26 years old at the time of his dea!h,” Emma explained.

Lieutenant Todd Weaver’s letter to Kiley

Even those who don’t support acts of [email protected] should honor and pay tribute to those who stand up for us and risk their lives when duty calls. Lieutenant Todd Weaver was one of those courageous soldiers. He lost his life leading a platoon to protect his country, and his bravery was not only unmatched but unfathomable to many.

To fight a [email protected] and write what he did to his wife and child at just 26 years old is something most cannot begin to imagine. Not only was he fearless, he knew something many don’t realize until it’s too late: Never wait to let your loved ones know how you feel because you don’t know if you will get the chance later.

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