General Hospital’s Nina Reeves Not Saving Willow Is A Brave Brilliant Twist

This GH plot twist with Nina Reeves made a regular storyline a great one!

From the moment Willow took ill and was diagnosed with leukemia on General Hospital, the writing was on the wall for a tried-and-true soap plot. Her biological mother, Nina Reeves, would ultimately discover their connection, sweep in, and save the day and her daughter.

Throwing A Nina Reeves Curve

However, the show threw viewers a curve with their decision to deviate from the formulaic norm. And, in the end, Nina (Cynthia Watros) not saving Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) is a brave, brilliant twist.

Yes, General Hospital could have gone the predictable route. Nina could have gotten tested and, in a not-so-surprise move, been deemed the perfect match to donate bone marrow to Willow. The story would have been rife with conflict and emotion and delivered a poignant payoff. After all, Willow would have had to accept a life-saving gift from a woman she truly detests.

Changing GH Paths

But having Nina not be a match has only upped the drama. Nina’s been inconsolable since learning she can’t step in to rescue Willow; that she can’t make Willow’s health problems disappear simply by being her mother. It’s a scenario she never allowed herself to consider. Now she’s filled with fear that she could lose another daughter before ever getting the chance to truly know and love her.

From Willow, Michael (Chad Duell), and their family’s perspective, the stakes have risen too. Despite their feelings for Nina, they were all clinging to the hope that she might be the one person who could help Willow heal. Now they’re left with no options and waiting and wondering if Willow could actually die. It’s made a dire situation even worse.

General Hospital Live or Die?

In the end, a donor will likely be found to save Willow. It’s hard to imagine the GH writers actually killing her off, regardless of their penchant for tragic pregnancy plots. Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that Sasha’s (Sofia Mattsson) infant son died. The question is will it be somebody obscure who’s already on the canvas, like Cody (Josh Kelly), or perhaps, ex-love Chase (Josh Swickard)? Or will it be somebody who’s yet to surface and add another surprise twist in the story?

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