General Hospital: Willow’s Baby Is In DANGER, Heather Decides To Steal The Baby

General Hospital might be in for a dangerous and emotional drama. The spoilers tease that Willow and her baby will soon face some complications. In the meantime, Esme is also pregnant and can deliver anytime because of the immense stress she is getting. What if the story comes up with a two-delivery-went-wrong scenario? What if Heather makes use of this opportunity and steals Willow’s baby? Let’s read further and find out how will this horrifying twist look in the story.

Both Willow-Esme Have Babies!

Fans know that Willow has decided to deliver her baby through C-section. Immediately after the delivery, the doctors will use her placenta and umbilical cord to harvest stem cells. The latest preview video showed how Michael stays beside Willow while she is getting her surgery. However, General Hospital spoilers say both mother and child will face some complications during the surgery.

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Over with Esme, we know that she is pregnant. What if the story takes a u-turn and brings another shocker along with Willow’s complications? As for now, Esme is in Spring Ridge and is continuously struggling with stress. Be it about the unknown father of the child or her amnesia, everything is just taking a toll on her mind. During pregnancy, continuous stress can actually harm the child. Does that mean Esme’s stress may end up having her in labor as well? Chances are there.

The writers may come up with the twist of having two women deliver babies at the same time. As a mother, Heather will definitely be worried about her daughter and the child. Fans know how desperate she is to build a new family. What will happen if Esme’s baby also faces some complications? Let’s discuss what might happen with the storyline.

General Hospital Spoilers: Esme’s Baby Critical, Heather Plans To Steal Willow’s Child?

It’s a fact that although Willow hasn’t reached the due date, her baby is certainly quite healthy at this point to deliver. However, that might not apply to Esme, who has risked her life and is currently under more stress which is actually harming the child. General Hospital spoilers already revealed that Willow and Baby would be safe in the coming episodes.

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What if Esme’s baby doesn’t make it? Fans know that Heather is desperate to start a family with Ryan, Esme, and the unborn. What will she do when she finds out about the unborn? Given how evil Heather is and the number of attacks and murders she has done, kidnapping would be nothing compared to it. Chances are there; seeing Willow’s healthy girl might actually trigger Heather to steal.

There were already hints that Heather was planning to escape the town with Esme before the deadline day came. So, how will it look like if Heather steals Willow’s child and escapes the town with Esme? If the story takes this interesting turn, it will surely be interesting. Stay tuned and watch General Hospital, it airs every weekday on ABC. For more updates and spoilers, visit our website, TV Season & Spoilers.


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