General Hospital: Ava And Austin Become A Couple? ROMANCE BLOOMS

Ava Jerome is a rather jilted wife on General Hospital. However, she is no damsel and distress and does not need to be swept off her feet by a Knight. If anything, she is her own Knight, and she will be the one pulling Wyndemere from under Nikolas’s feet. Having said that, once Ava is holding Spoon Island in one hand, her other might twitch to hold a romantic partner! And we may have already seen her eyes fall on just the man she needs! It’s none other than Dr. Austin Holt!

Time To Mend Broken Hearts In Port Charles

Even though Ava is enraged at Nikolas for betraying her with Esme, that doesn’t mean she isn’t heartbroken. She really did love Nik on General Hospital and had even convinced herself of giving their marriage a second shot. But it all went down the drain, thanks to Nik becoming Esme’s baby daddy and all the captivity debacle. Now, Ava doesn’t want Nik, she wants revenge, and we have seen Ava on General Hospital long enough to know that she will get it. However, once she’s snatched the literal ground from beneath Nik’s feet, she may want a new man in her arms! Afterall, she still has to nurse her broken heart!

General Hospital

On the other hand, there was a time when Dr. Austin Holt was just so into Maxie on General Hospital. However, that connection went nowhere, despite Austin’s mildly despicable tactic. Viewers might remember he pressured Damian Spinelli into matching him up with Maxie on the Society Setups algorithm. He was just so obsessed with being Maxie’s perfect match that he ended up setting fire to their match. Eventually, he came to clean to her about what he had done, and anything that they had or could have had was up in smokes! So, is Austin ready to play the game of hearts again? This time perhaps with the Queen of Spoon Island?

Ava And Austin, Peas In A Pod On General Hospital?

Maxie and Austin were a massive mismatch on General Hospital, they were bound to fail sooner or later. Meanwhile, Nik and Ava were still better poised to have a lasting relationship. However, Nik’s immature, impulsive, and reckless behavior burnt that bridge pretty badly! Perhaps, Ava and Austin both need more mature partners who understand their way of life. Wouldn’t it just make so much sense if they gave each other a shot? They are more alike than different! They both have a dubious h istory of breaking the law; they have dabbled in their fair share of questionable acts but are now trying to mend their ways.

Ava is a reformed criminal on General Hospital, and Austin is trying to break free from the “Boss Lady’s” control. They both are go-getters, and can we really deny their chemistry? If you ask us, they had already passed the chem test when Maura and Roger shared the screen as Ava and Franco! Moreover, their recent interaction at the hospital post-Ava’s surgery was nothing short of electric chemistry! Ava and Austin certainly have the potential to be the next big couple of General Hospital! What do you think? Will they work as a couple? Please share your views in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to CBS to follow their story on General Hospital.

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