’90 Day Fiance’: Jenny Slatten Unleashes Fury

90 Day Fiance reality spouse Jenny Slatten and remained pretty calm, relaxed, and collected during the first three installments of the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Tell-All as her husband Sumit Singh called in from India.

Jenny usually prefers to keep a cool head. But, during the final installment, she has enough of some of her cast members and finally has to let loose with her true feelings.

90 Day Fiance: Jenny Slatten Accepts Her Fate

It has been quite a season for 90 Day Fiance‘s Jenny Slatten. She and her husband, Sumit Singh, have been through a lot. Jenny’s irritation has been building all season.

She has gone above and beyond to please Sumit’s family. All she wants is for them to accept their marriage and for them all to get along peacefully.

90 Day Fiance: Sumit Singh - Jenny Slatten - Happily Ever After

She is gaining a little ground with some of Sumit’s family members. However, one person refuses to change her opinion about their marriage. That is Sumit’s mom, Sadhna Singh. She refuses to budge.

This upsets her, but she says she is over it. Sadhna ultimately controls the family, so what she says goes despite how they feel.

The 90 Day Fiance star says she has accepted things as they are. She is happy, however, that her Happily Ever After spouse, Sumit, is keeping his relationship with his family.

He attends all family gatherings. However, Jenny Slatten stays home. This is exactly how she says she prefers things. She would rather not be somewhere she is unwanted.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After – Jenny Loses It – Goes after Big Ed Brown

90 Day Fiance’s Jenny Slatten has been sitting back and watching the wild drama unfold around her during the Happily Ever After Tell-All. Things started crazy and have continued throughout the last three parts.

She has not had a lot to say so far. However, there is one person who is driving her over the edge. Big Ed Brown has difficulty getting anyone to side with him in this Tell-All.

His 90 Day Fiance cast does not like how he has been treating his girlfriend, Liz Woods, once again. Ed started the Tell-All by telling his cast members that he had broken up with Liz again.

This is a breakup number ten for those who lost count. Since no one was taking Ed’s side, he became very hostile to his cast members. He finally got to Jenny, and she lost her temper.

90 Day Fiance: Ed Brown - Happily Ever After

Jenny is furious, and she goes after Ed Brown. She screams at telling him he has insulted everybody. He tries to get her to stop talking by telling her she had her turn to talk yesterday.

She loses her control even more and yells at Ed to be quiet. The TLC look ahead clip cuts off there, but fans think she looks ready to have it out with Ed, and the rest of her cast is waiting for it to happen.

Which TLC Couples Do Fans Want to See Gone?

TLC viewers are ready to see how everything during Part 4 of the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Tell-All unfolds. First, fans say they hope to see Ed Brown get what he deserves.

Then, they hope Jenny is the one who puts him in his place. After that, there is a lot more drama to come. However, as the season wraps up, fans are letting the network know which couples they want to see gone from the franchise.

Viewers say Ed Brown and Liz Woods are at the top of their list. They say they are finished watching their breakup and makeup drama every season.

Another couple that fans want to go is Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi. They say they have had their fill of Angela’s attitude and treatment of not only Michael but everyone.

Viewers say they have enjoyed the Tell-All drama so far, but Jenny Slatten standing up to Ed Brown was one of their favorite moments. Do you agree?

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